Montessori Sports

The program is supported by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and has been developed for all Montessori schools and early childhood centres that value sports and the development of movement highly, helping them to implement this on a daily basis within the existing school environment.

“Tennis, football, and the like, do not have for their sole purpose the accurate moving of the ball, but they challenge us to acquire a new skill -something lacking before – and this feeling of enhancing our abilities is the real core of our delight in the game”

Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind (Chapter 17)

The Montessori environment is perfect for enhancing the enormous benefits that sport may offer. Montessori Sports builds upon the philosophical connection between the Montessori philosophy and working with children in sports.

Integrating more sports within the educational curriculum enhances the child’s learning abilities. Sport stimulates the development and cooperation of the two hemispheres of the brain due to the emphasis on coordination, balance, use of objects and social skills that are required to play.

Montessori Sports runs courses at Melbourne Montessori School and other schools which helps the teachers integrate intra/extra-curricular programs on a weekly or daily basis. These courses are approved and certified by AMI as well to assure the Montessori standards.

Why should your school participate?

  1. Enriching the learning environment of children by offering physical activities, materials and observations
  2. Creating added value to parents with a trustworthy, high quality Montessori sports program
  3. Continuously improving the skills of teachers through AMI certified Montessori Football training
  4. Connecting to the global network of Montessori Sports schools through (inter)national cooperation
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Online classes available!

Please see the attached flyer for more information and contact Jip Bartels personally to enrol via or +61 431 838 395.

Montessori Sports Afterschool Program - National Online -Term 2 2020.pdf

About Jip Bartels

  • Former player of the AFC Ajax youth academy and Dutch national youth teams
  • Experienced youth coach with more than 20 years of experience as a (professional) player
  • Bachelor (Hons) in Organizational Sciences, VU University Amsterdam
  • Master in Business Administration, University of Amsterdam
  • AMI Montessori Introductory Coaching Course, Amsterdam 2017
  • AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate, Melbourne 2018
  • Director / Trainer Montessori Sports, Australia 2018 - current
  • AMI Montessori Football Course, Melbourne & Sydney 2018 & 2019